Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things are changing!

Well, a lot has changed lately. After I quit my job at the library I started doing my freelance art work about 7 months ago, since then my artwork has been pretty steady. Then I started working with a small group of people who are developing games for android/iphone (mobile devices), I've finished my portion of the first game for the group and now we're just waiting on the programmers to finalize the game. We've gotten some commission work for websites and other misc jobs to get money for licenses and other needed costs for the company, we've recently become an LLC which is pretty exciting, seems all official and stuff. One of the guys in our group who is our main web-host is also developing a game for the ipad on the side of our main groups projects, and he has hired me as the artist for the game. So I'm working on that as well, not to mention the group (Rapture Games) has started another game which I guess we aren't officially "starting" until January, so I guess it's not too much pressure on that quite yet but I'm trying to create an art direction for that too. And of course the most exciting news is that my son (Drake) is due December 29! So I think this is the busiest time I've ever had in my entire life, it's exciting and a little stressful too, but not terribly much. Oh and I have my part-time job on the side too but that's hardly considered work, hehe.

Oh and the company I'm developing games for has a website up now too! See it here: Rapture Game Studios

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