Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tiny Update!

Hello all, I'm still alive don't worry. I just am not much of a blogger, which needs to change. Mainly because I plan on updating everyone through blogger! So anyway, what's been going on with me in the art world? Well, due to some of you wonderful people I've gotten many more commissions, and my wife Christie is also running a sweepstakes where someone can win a free family portrait caricature! Exciting stuff I know!

Also in the way of news, I plan on trying to feed this blog onto my actual website...somehow, I know it can be done I just need to figure out the ins and outs of what's what with it. ;) That way if you aren't a blogspot person per-say you can always just visit my website to find out the latest updates! (If anyone out there is familiar with blogger rss feeds and dreamweaver send me a message :)

Another exciting thing going on is that on top of all my commissions and sweepstakes I also just recently started working with a group called "Rapture Game Studios" who is a game development group that I will be doing concept art for and we're actually in the process of creating our first game! Woo!

Other than all that....lot of stuff. Not much else! Hehe.

Ps. You also may have noticed I updated the blog background/title/profile image. It was too boring compared to my actual site, now they match! Enjoy!